Jürgen R. Müller

Specialist lawyer for tax law and tax criminal law
  • 2019 Regular author in the journal „Die steuerliche Betriebsprüfung (StBp)
  • 2018 Certified Compliance Officer
  • 2018 Publication of the book „Tax Compliance”
  • 2016 Formation of the Law Firm Kanzlei Jürgen R. Müller Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB
  • 2015 Publication of the 2nd edition of the book "Selbstanzeige im Steuererstrafverfahren"
  • 2012 Specialized lawyer for criminal law
  • 2012 Publication of the book on the self-disclosure in the tax criminal proceedings, „Die Selbstanzeige im Steuerstrafverfahren”
  • 2004 Foundation of the law firm Jürgen R. Müller
  • 2004 Specialized lawyer for tax( taxation) law./ Specialist for tax law
  • 2001 Admission to the German bar
  • Legal Education at the law school of the University of Johannes Gutenberg-Mainz in Germany
  • Banking officer apprenticeship

Jürgen R. Müller, attorney at Law is a criminal tax defense attorney specialized in tax as well as criminal law with decades of experience in the fields of tax law, tax criminal law and business criminal law in Frankfurt am Main and Mainz. Mr. Müller consults companies on questions of tax compliance, international tax law and external auditing. Jürgen R. Müller is the author of numerous publications in relevant journals and is an active lecturer on training sessions of specialist lawyers for tax law and criminal law.