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Welcome to the Law Firm Jürgen R. Müller in Mainz and Frankfurt/Main, Germany.


The law firm´s pratice is focused on the areas of


Jürgen R. Müller lawyers ensure high quality support, provide result-oriented consultancy and strive for tailor made client solutions.

Our decision making processes are always straight forward and (time-) efficient. We satisfy our clients thanks to their strong relationship and corporation with our lawyers.

Among our clients are private persons, small and medium sized companies as well as international enterprises.

Please find below details about our law firm and its distinctive capabilities.

In a case of urgency do not hesitate to join us at +49 176 23 22 17 16. Appointments during evening hours or weekends are possible if required.

  Law Firm Jürgen R. Müller

Office Mainz
Fischergasse 5
55116 Mainz
Tel.+49 (0) 6131 - 69 60 99 0

Office Frankfurt a.M.
 Waidmannstraße 45
60596 Frankfurt a.M.
Tel.+49 (0) 69 - 69 59 719 88

“Solange man Steuerwüsten schafft, kann man Steueroasen nicht ausrotten.”
Fürst Hans-Adam II. von Liechtenstein

Steuerstrafrecht ,Steuerrecht ,Zollstrafrecht ,Steuerhinterziehung ,Selbstanzeige ,Wirtschaftsstrafrecht ,Zollrecht ,Betriebsprüfung ,Durchsuchung ,Geldwäsche ,Insolvenzstrafrecht